20 years experience in animal production statistics

Incatema completes a cycle of 20 years? uninterrupted experience in drawing up animal production statistics in different areas in Spain. Livestock statistics are essential for the delivery of public policies to support the agricultural sector and to comply with the obligations of Spanish Public Administrations with EU specialist bodies, such as Eurostat.

20 years experience in animal production statistics

Statistical records on production data have become an essential tool in the planning of public policies to manage and support agri-food production, and Incatema has been providing this service for the animal production sector continually over the past 20 years. Livestock production has the special characteristic of not being subject to specific seasons, but instead achieves more or less steady levels of production throughout the entire year, meaning that production record systems need to be designed to be able to continuously monitor the holdings.

Over these twenty years, Incatema has drafted and developed proprietary methodologies to conduct surveys on the livestock holdings, adapted to the specific characteristics of each animal sub-sector. In addition, quality control procedures have also been developed to guarantee the consistency and representativeness of the data collected by the on-site surveyors.

Incatema’s activity has been developed on a national scale as well as in regional administrations, having worked at a national level to develop data processing tools and platforms for the MAPA (Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food). Out of all these collaboration projects, some of the most noteworthy are;

  • The creation of national directories based on the SIMOGAN database (National System for the Identification and Registration of Cattle Movements)
  • Technical support to conduct livestock surveys at a national level (1998-2006)
  • The processing and use of data recorded at a national level on livestock production in livestock holdings and slaughterhouses
  • Livestock surveys in the Autonomous Region of Murcia
  • Livestock surveys in the Autonomous Region of Madrid
  • Livestock surveys in the Autonomous Region of Extremadura

The uninterrupted activity of monitoring and recording pig production in the Autonomous Region of Murcia between 1998 and 2018 should be highlighted, including numbers of livestock in production as well as animals slaughtered monthly.

As well as the detailed sector knowledge generated for each production year, the continuing activity has facilitated carrying out an analysis on the evolution of the sector and the re-orientation of public policies for rural development, in terms of subsequent CAP reviews and also other specific policies at an autonomous-regional level.

The solid expertise developed has also served to facilitate the transfer of knowledge obtained and the methodological tools developed to other geographical areas, through international cooperation projects. The participation in initiatives prior to the incorporation of the EU's new member states should also be underlined, such as the Twinning projects developed in Hungary, Poland, Estonia and Croatia. Projects carried out for the EU Directorate General for Cooperation in Yemen (2008-2010) and in Algeria (2017-2018) for the implementation of fisheries statistics management systems have also benefitted from the expertise accumulated.

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