Algeria Economic Diversification Program execution moves forward

Algeria Economic Diversification Program execution moves forward

INCATEMA team posted in the technical assistance for fisheries and aquaculture statistics in Algeria is carrying out on-the-job support for the effective use of fisheries and aquaculture statistical system, within DIVECO 2 Cooperation Program.

After the study trip to Lebanon in March 2018, recruiting two Algerian staff that provide IT support and mobilising two technicians from the University of Balamand -our partner in this project implementation- INCATEMA started on-the-job support to run the fisheries and aquaculture statistics system app SSPALweb (online system to register fisheries and aquaculture statistics) with the first on-the-job support missions carried out in July 2018 in Algiers and Tipaza wilayas.

The team from Information Systems Unit from Fisheries and Aquaculture Directorate-General (Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries) has benefited from on-the-job support to start and run SSPALweb since March 2018.

About DIVECO 2 Program

European Union is supporting fisheries and aquaculture throughout Algeria thanks to DIVECO 2 Program, whose purpose is to increase contribution of fisheries and aquaculture to economic diversification in a sustainable development context where economic performances are ameliorated.

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