INCATEMA works towards the development of main productive regions in Cameroon

INCATEMA works towards the development of main productive regions in Cameroon

Within EU development cooperation framework, INCATEMA Consulting & Engineering works alongside the Ministries of Animal Production (MINEPIA) and Agriculture (MINADER) of Cameroon Republic with the purpose of analysing local working procedures for public agropastoral support. This project aims to improve the work of farmers, farmers’ organizations and rural communities.

Thanks to the support given by a multinational consortium led by the Belgian company COWI, operational advice has been provided in order to improve systems’ efficiency and facilitate access to public grants and support for small and medium-scale farmers.

Support action to agropastoral development carried out by our company will facilitate meeting the objectives set for national investments by 2020 in the Rural Sector Development Strategy (SDRS).

The mission, starting with a field visit for productive regions is divided in two phases where experts from INCATEMA and COWI analyse how public support programs work in order to prepare a common guideline with recommendations to optimise national sector support programs management.

Agricultural development in Cameroon

Cameroon has focused its development in agriculture, at present contributing 30% to GDP and employing more than 60% of active population.

Although 80 of production comes from smallholder farmers, the lack of resources makes them work on small lands with low productivity. Therefore, the Government of Cameroon focused its investment efforts in supporting rural production through public support programs and grants, both managed by MINADER and MINEPIA

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