Incatema Consulting & Engineering to provide engineering services to the World Food Programme

Incatema Consulting & Engineering to provide engineering services to the World Food Programme

Incatema Consulting & Engineering have signed a contract with the World Food Programme (WFP), to provide their engineering services by revising the design of the infrastructures that the UN’s humanitarian agency installs in situations of catastrophe. Incatema will carry out a comprehensive and systematic revision of 28 construction standards comprising communication routes, and storage and management infrastructures for food aid, along with the various installations that each infrastructure requires. These installations and their standardisation are essential for the WFP to carry out their work at utmost speed during their interventions in food crises.

Revision of the designs must ensure that all of them meet the international reference Eurocode standard in relation to structures, power installations, fire protection and mechanical installations. Additionally, revision of the designs will contemplate variants that adapt to the different scenarios based on earthquake and wind exposure risks, to ensure a constructive responds that offers similar services anywhere in the world, irrespective of climate or earthquake specifics in each region of the globe.

Commitment to sustainability for the eradication of hunger

Incatema thus demonstrate their commitment to food safety by offering installations designed to facilitate the WFP’s operations.

“By considering different calculation hypotheses based on earthquake and climate risks, it is guaranteed that the infrastructure, and consequently the WFP’s operations will be more resilient in the face of natural catastrophes and other anomalous weather phenomena deriving from climate change, which are a frequent cause of the food crises that the WFP must attend to”, highlighted the company’s director of infrastructures, Fernando Díaz.

The World Food Programme (WFP) has a series of standard designs for installations that serve to facilitate their operations on a global scale. The WFP’s mission and objectives since its foundation require maximum speed when initiating actions on the ground, especially when a food crisis requires attention. These standard designs accelerate the WFP’s implementation on the ground, as they provide for a swift erection of the infrastructures needed to manage food aid based on existing designs. Also, the standardisation of these designs, makes it possible for the infrastructures to operate as part of a network based on common design criteria, also facilitating the exchange of resources and equipment.

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