Incatema renews operation of the wastewater treatment plant at the Caracol Industrial Park (Haiti).

Incatema renews operation of the wastewater treatment plant at the Caracol Industrial Park (Haiti).

Incatema Consulting & Engineering have renewed their contract to operate the wastewater treatment plant of the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti for one more year, following three consecutive years of use of this plant, which was built by the company in 2015 and which benefits approximately 18,000 local inhabitants. More specifically, the employees of the Industrial Park, where more than 5,000 litres of wastewater, industrial, and domestic, are treated daily.

The company’s efforts are currently directed at ensuring appropriate management of the country’s natural resources by using the macrophyte water treatment system, an innovative process in which native plants purify the water without high energy requirements, favouring the environment, as already discussed here.

In the words of Fernando Díaz, director of Incatema’s Water division, “we feel particularly proud of having provided Haiti’s citizens with this turnkey project. It both favours sustainability in the treatment of Haiti’s waste water and demonstrates Incatema’s commitment to the environment, in a country where we work with a resource that improves thousands of families’ quality of life.”

“In the context of the company’s commitment to sustainable growth, the Caracol wastewater treatment project is a reality that is particularly suited to the country’s climate, which allows water to be purified using macrophytic plant roots all year round. In this way, we optimise a natural resource, at the same time as we rule out the use of chemical substances and treat the water with a lower energy cost,” adds Diaz.

Construction of this treatment plant forms part of the 2030 Agenda to improve water sanitation in a country where, moreover, almost half of its 11 million citizens lack access to drinking water, the other aspect required to complete the United Nation’s sustainable development goal number 6 aimed at ensuring the availability of water and sanitation for all.

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