Pork meat sector exports outside of the EU have increased by more than 123% in 4 years.

Pork meat sector exports outside of the EU have increased by more than 123% in 4 years.

Spanish exports of pork meat sector products, including processed products, outside of the EU’s borders, have risen by 123.8% between 2014 and 2018 to 675,531 tonnes in 2018, according to the latest quarterly summary of pork indicators published by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food  (MAPA - Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación). The non-EU countries that have experienced the largest growth in demand for pork meat and processed pork products of Spanish origin are South Korea (+67.3%), Japan (+7.5%) and China (+4.2%).

The sector’s exports within and outside of the EU already amount to 1,826,644 tonnes, representing a 14% increase in the analysed period.

The top destination of pork meat sector exports continues to be the EU, with France in particular, and to a lesser extent Portugal and Italy, in the leading positions. As for non-EU destinations, China continues to top the ranking with a similar demand to that of France.

Slight increase in pork meat consumption in Spain

The average consumption of fresh pork meat in Spain has increased by 1.61% in 2018 from the 9.99 kilos per capita in 2017 mentioned in the quarterly report. Meanwhile, the average consumption of processed pork meat has increased by 1.28% compared to the 11.18 kilos per capita in 2017. 

Incatema Consulting & Engineering have accumulated a history of 20 years of collaboration with MAPA in the preparation of animal production statistics in various contexts nationwide. During these 20 years, Incatema have announced and implemented in-house procedures to carry out surveys among cattle farming operations, adapted to the specifics of each animal sub-sector. At the same time, quality control procedures have been created, to guarantee that the data gathered by field surveyors are relevant and representative.

Animal production statistics are a necessary factor, for correct management of public policies that support the farming sector and to fulfil the obligations of Spanish Public Agencies with the specialised bodies of the EU, such as Eurostat.

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