We triple water debit in Mariani pumping station, Haiti

We triple water debit in Mariani pumping station, Haiti

Among the works carried out to reinforce drinking water production in Port-au-Prince, INCATEMA finished works to reinforce pumping capacities in Mariani pumping station, that will increase from 8,000 m3/day to 24,000 m3 per day, thanks to replacing the previous pumps with three new ones and an emergency pump. Incatema Consulting & Engineering reinforced as well electrical and mechanical equipment with a new 800 KVA auxiliary generation system and 3 new 333 KVA electrical transformers and rehabilitated pumpingstation.

The New DN 500 mm pipeline itinerary, located in Carrefour district, Port-au-Prince metropolitan region, follows the pathway from the pumping station to the water tank, located 100 m higher. It has the advantage of keeping permanent and easy access to the pipeline and preserve the forest area while carrying out the works.

This project that Incatema has carried out in Haiti is part of a lot of two projects. Lot no. 1 deals with water extraction from 8 wells, lately pumped to two regulation tanks.

Port-au-Prince pumping station improvement works guarantee water supply and drinking water quality to Mariani district, one of the most vulnerable areas in Haiti capital, and the improvement of hygienic and sanitary conditions for its population. This way, Incatema restates its engagement towards sustainable development and environment in the countries we work in.


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