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Feasibility Study of the Project ?Modernization, Construction and Procurement of a Seeds Conditioning Plant and Storage Module of staple grains for CENTA supporting of National Production

Country: El Salvador
Beginning: 2016
Finalized: 2017
Customer: Fondo Salvadoreño de Preinversión
Sector: Agriculture and Rural development

Final evaluation for AGROCADENAS project (Strengthening of selected agricultural value chains with a business approach in Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua)

Country: El Salvador
Beginning: 2014
Finalized: 2014
Customer: FAO
Sector: Agriculture and Rural development

Technical-economic feasibility assessment of different actions for the improvement of agricultural production in different regions and priority sectors

Country: El Salvador
Beginning: 2012
Finalized: 2013
Customer: Alba Alimentos
Sector: Agriculture and Rural development

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