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Advisory Services for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Banana Accompanying Measures.

Country: Ghana
Beginning: 2014
Finalized: 2017
Customer: UE EuropeAid
Sector: Agro-industries

Irrigation and groundwater development project.

Country: Ghana
Beginning: 2012
Finalized: 2015
Customer: MOFA (Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Ghana)
Sector: Agriculture and Rural development

Diagnose of the hydric resources and for the development of a National plan for the improvement of irrigation in the Republic of Ghana

Country: Ghana
Beginning: 2007
Finalized: 2012
Customer: Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Ghana
Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development, Water

Project of the Fishing Development in Ghana: Economic feasibility assessment of technologies and infrastructures

Country: Ghana
Beginning: 2010
Finalized: 2011
Customer: Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ghana (financed by the World Bank)
Sector: Fishing and Aquaculture

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