Our Activities

Incatema Consulting provides customized services for each client and they include the following:

  • Project identification
  • Technical-economic feasibility assessments
  • Design and preparation of engineering projects and architecture
  • Support in the financing process
  • Design, construction, implementation and start-up: “Turn-key” projects
  • Management and operation; promotion of Public-Private partnerships (PPP)
  • Consultancy and technical assistance (identification, management and assessment of policies, programs and projects
  • Training

Our experience allows us to respond in a solvent and efficient manner to our clients' needs of our clients throughout the agricultural sector value chain: from agricultural, livestock and fishing production, though storage, conservation, post-harvest treatment, food processing and transformation to end with the distribution, trading and sale.

Our water supply and sanitation activities cover the whole water cycle: collection, purification, supply and sanitation.

Our activity covers as well construction sector, from preliminary studies to carrying out the works

Agriculture and Rural development

Since the beginning, Incatema Consulting has focused on the agricultural sector. As years have gone by, the Company has consolidated its leadership within this scope and currently enjoys a remarkable international reputation.

The activity developed by Incatema Consulting within this scope covers all initial stages of the food value chain:

Producción agrícola y ganadera -> Almacenamiento y conservación. Tratamientos post-cosecha en origen -> Transporte y comercialización en origen

Improvements in production guarantee higher income for farmers, greatest availability of food and better quality. In addition, the design and creation of storage, drying and processing infrastructures are crucial to guarantee the conservation of products, to increase their value added and to regulate local market prices, offering producers the possibility to achieve better prices for their products.

The services offered within this area are embedded in the following sub-sectors:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments of investment projects
  • Exploitation of agricultural and livestock units
  • Design and installation of irrigation projects
  • Drainage techniques and irrigation-water efficiency
  • Protection of crops and improvement of harvesting techniques (increase of performance, improvement of quality, adaptation to local soil and conditions, adaptation to climate change)
  • Post-harvest handling
  • Storage and conservation (design and construction of silos and cold chambers)
  • Market access: distribution and trading at origin
  • Training
Food industries

The agro-industry and food industry is another sector where Incatema Consulting has intensely developed its activity.

In addition to supporting agricultural production, the Company also covers food treatment and processing phases, improving therefore the quality and value added of products. We also have experience in the last stages; access to markets and supply to the final consumer.

Tratamiento y procesado de los alimentos -> Distribución y comercialización a mercados en de

Works developed by the Company within the agroindustry sector are included in the following scopes:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments of investment projects
  • Design, construction and start up of food processing installations (horticultural, cereals, fish)
  • Engineering, control and automation processes
  • Safety, health and food hygiene
  • Quality control
  • Management assessment and proposals through PPP (Public-Private Partnership)
  • Training
Distribution markets and platforms

Within the Market Area, Incatema Consultingaddresses the last phase of the value chain of the agricultural sector: trading and sale . Our actions cover both the rehabilitation and new construction of food installation in urban areas.

Incatema Consulting, though its participation in the MERCASA-Incatema Consulting Consortium, has been developing this activity worldwide since 2000, with a remarkable importance and presence in African and Latin American markets. Currently, the Market area of Incatema Consulting deals with projects under development in Angola, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Distribución y comercialización -> Venta

Our activity within this area includes from punctual assessment for local or national administrations to the execution of turn key projects.

We deal with all types of actions addressed to the storage and distribution of food: from the construction of logistics centres for the storage and distribution at origin to the design and construction of markets at destination for wholesale or retail food; and even projects within this market known as gastronomic, combining retail sale and leisure.

The main activities developed by Incatema Consulting market department are:

  • Counselling on the development of food chains
  • Preliminary draft
  • Design, preliminary draft and execution project
  • Pre-feasibility assessments
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Trading assessments
  • Environmental study
  • “Turnkey” projects
  • Training of staff
  • Guidance on operation
Fishing and aquaculture

Within the fisheries and aquaculture sector, Incatema Consulting, assisted by other companies of the group, develops projects covering the whole fishing and aquaculture process: from the supply of resources and equipment to improve the fishing activity (industrial and traditional) and aquaculture production, to the construction and provision of shore-based facilities, through products transformation, conservation and trade.

The company also carries out assessments on species, products and markets, studies on operational programs, designs and implements strategic plans adapted to each context, providing consultancy, training and technical assistance services to its private or public clients adapting them to their needs.

The different works and services offered by Incatema within the fisheries and aquaculture area can be classified as follows:

  • Institutional strengthening
  • Analysis of fisheries resources and their efficient and sustainable management
  • Comprehensive training for fishing and aquaculture
  • Improvement of the quality of products and food security
  • Assessment and assistance to trading and markets
  • Design and construction of aquaculture and fishing facilities
  • Supply of vessels, materials and devices
  • Comprehensive fishing and aquaculture projects

The Water Department of Incatema Consulting develops its activity in all stages of the Comprehensive Water Cycle Management:

Collection, Treatment, Supply, Sanitation and Purification.

Our aim is to make a range of solutions available for our clients in order to boost local development and collection, offering high quality services creating alternatives adapted to each case.

The structure of Incatema Consulting allows us to combine a multidisciplinary team with technical and financial resources to design, build and/or manage in an efficient manner projects covering:

  • Water collection and storage
  • Supply and treatment (Drinking Water Treatment Plants ETAP)
  • Design of supply, sanitation and irrigation networks and systems
  • Waste water treatment (Waste water treatment stations (EDAR)
  • Institutional strengthening and know-how transfer of technical, administrative and commercial management of municipal supply and sanitation networks.

  Our work within the Water area is devoted to the achievement of four main goals: sanitary protection of population, protection of the environment, water reuse and efficient handling and supply of a quality service for users.

The services provided by Incatema Consulting include moreover data collection, identification of agents, the analysis of the information obtained, the diagnose of the situation, the preparation of strategies and their implementation in a Program for the Management of the Comprehensive Water Cycle and the subsequent execution of specific projects arising thereof, as well as the necessary consultancy and technical assistance for such execution.

Consultancy and Technical Assistance

The work of Incatema Consulting in consultancy includes counselling throughout all project stages, from identification and formulation through implementation, management and monitoring, to assessment and training. All our consultancy projects are based on a multidisciplinary, participative and results-oriented approach. This approach guarantees the use of state of the art methods in each occasion, supported by the team of the Company and by our broad network of highly qualified International experts.

The Company offers specialized support in the following areas:

Food security, Rural development and Agricultural development

  • Agricultural, horticultural and animal production
  • Vulnerability analysis and risk of food insecurity
  • Creation of rural employment
  • Design of Agricultural Development Plans (at a National, Regional and Municipal level)
  • Support for the improvement of Competitiveness of the Food Sector
  • Analysis of Value Chains in the food sector
  • Support to cooperatives and groups of producers (management, trading of products, post-harvest treatment, improvement of production and agricultural productivity …)
  • Support and training of groups of users of irrigation water (efficient management and handling of water resources)
  • Support to small producers in their integration in the chain value and access to markets
  • Product and market studies

Fishing and aquaculture

  • Sustainable management of fishing resources
  • Support to traditional fishing
  • Support to the elaboration of fishing policies

Management of natural resources and Environment

  • Climatic change; agricultural techniques for the adaptation to change, techniques for soil conservation and water resources.
  • Green growth : sustainable growth and adaptable to climatic change, efficient handling of natural resources.
  • Reduction of disaster and vulnerability risks. Building resilience.
Architecture and Contruction Department

This department appears as a result of melting Bardon Artacho Arquitectos study with Incatema Consulting after several years collaborating. Thirty years of cumulated joint experience and the good reputation won during all these years allow us to offer our clients a reliable quality work in their most ambitious projects.

Activities start from preliminary studies, and then go on through all the Project phases as works supervision and final turnkey delivery.

Architecture and urban planning are the fields covered by this department work.

Architecture and construction:

  • Administrative buildings
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Educational buildings
  • Business centres
  • Housing developments
  • Social housings and reallocations
  • Hospitals, clinics and health centres
  • Sports centres
  • Cultural centres
  • Touristic developments

Urban planning:

  • Urban modelling
  • Urban management plans
  • Detailed studies
  • Sustainable growth studies
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