Agriculture and livestock

Development of projects suited to the characteristics of each territory

More than 100 studies and engineering projects guarantee the experience of Incatema. The company addresses the agricultural and livestock production phase through the preparation and conditioning of surfaces for cultivation, the design and installation of irrigation systems and the optimization of infrastructures and available resources to improve productivity.

Our services include the development of all types of projects related to the production, conservation, processing and transformation of products, ensuring quality control and traceability in all phases, from the field to the table of the final consumer.

All the executed projects include training and technology transfer as a fundamental component, in order to ensure their future sustainability and appropriation by the recipients.


● Agro-pastoral development
● Irrigation
● Production
● Storage
● Distribution
● Consumption


● Project design, preparation and execution (rehabilitation of irrigation systems, creation of new irrigation perimeters, starting production of agricultural estates, building or rehabilitating production infrastructures, etc.)
● Feasibility studies
● Training and education
● Accompaniment during start up in the first phases of production
● Technology transfer plans developed specifically for each intervention
● Technical Assistance for national institutions, Programme Management Units or Multilateral Organisations in the implementation of agricultural development or food safety projects and programmes, etc.
● Diagnosis and strengthening of the value chains in the sectors of farming, cattle-farming, and fisheries
● Design and preparation of procedures, technical manuals and ad-hoc educational materials

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