Areas of expertise

More than 25 years of experience as a Spanish consultancy, engineering and project implementation company specialised in the fields of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Markets and Infrastructures

Projects that enhance the economic development of the agricultural and fishing industries

Agriculture, fisheries and rural development

Comprehensive solutions for large-scale projects


Design, construction and management of projects in the field of food

Perishable food markets

Agriculture, fisheries and rural development as a path towards development

Identification, evaluation, execution and management of projects in the context of agricultural production and cattle-farming, agroindustry, rural development, fishing and aquaculture.

Incatema offers integral solutions in the field of agricultural production, agribusiness and productive projects of rural development and fishing.

With a methodology based on extensive experience in international development, Incatema’s services include studies, sector analyses or diagnoses, identification, evaluation, and execution and management of engineering projects or technical assistance. The company provides technical assistance services to private and public sector institutions in the countries where it operates, and also to leading Multilateral Organisations, such as the European Commission, FAO, the World Bank or InterAmerican Development Bank among others

Agricultural and food industries

Incatema develop their agricultural activity with diverse activities such as planning and strategic development, food storage and processing. A continuous backing of investigation and implementation of innovative tools and technologies for developing the agrarian industry.

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Agriculture and livestock

The services developed in this area encompass the phase of agricultural and livestock farming production, by preparing and conditioning surfaces for cultivation, and the design and installation of both irrigation and animal production systems, along with the optimisation of available resources to improve productivity.

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Fisheries and aquaculture

Solutions that cover all phases from planning and support for fishing and aquaculture production. This task is carried out through the supply of equipment and provision of infrastructures on land, including later stages, such as product conservation, processing and transformation. Additionally, the distribution and value chain is supported, through the creation of fish and food markets.

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