Excellence quality management

Transparency is one of the pillars that supports our business. We establish rules of conduct that guide the actions of everyone who forms part of Incatema Consulting & Engineering

Excellence quality management

For 25 years, Incatema Consulting & Engineering have worked with the commitment to offer its clients top quality services. The company’s objectives include contributing to improve quality of life and favouring the progress of the countries where it operates from a perspective of environmental awareness and sustainability.

We manage our projects responsibly

Will of conduct

Strict compliance with Standards.
Fulfilment of Ethical Values.
Zero tolerance with behaviours that do not comply with the Policy.

Compulsory standards and responsibility

Group Companies

Total sphere of application

Corporate: Any type of relationship
Geographical: Any country where the Group conducts its activities


There is a channel of communication for the entire Compliance System compliance@incatemaconsulting.es open moreover to System improvements

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has been recognised by the main international reference indexes in terms of quality and environmental conduct

Incatema Consulting’s commitment to excellence in its services is formalised through application of the Quality Management System certified by the ISO 9001 standard which points to client satisfaction and the company’s capacity to effectively improve its services.

Sustainability is one of the pillars that supports the activities of Incatema Consulting & Engineering. For this reason, application of an Environmental Management System guaranteed by the ISO 14001 standard which reinforces the company’s commitment to protecting the environment is crucial.

Both standards are certified by Bureau Veritas

AENOR has granted Incatema Consulting the UNE 19601 and ISO 37001 certifications that certify the implementation of Criminal Compliance Management Systems that guarantee the company's commitment to prevent the commission of crimes, reduce the criminal risk of the organization and reinforce a culture of ethics and compliance with current legislation.

In this way, Incatema Consulting & Engineering consolidates its commitment to business responsibility.