Fisheries and aquaculture

We cover all phases of aquaculture production and non-industrial fishing

The services of Incatema cover all phases from aquaculture and fisheries production planning and support, through advice, supply of equipment, its installation and the construction of onshore infrastructures, to the subsequent stages, such as the preservation, processing and transformation of the products.

Support is also provided to the value chain and retail, through the creation of auctions and markets, including the cold chain.


• Planning and strategic development
• Preservation and cold chain network
• Processing
• Distribution


• Institutional strengthening for the assessment and formulation of policies and programs for fisheries and aquaculture sector
• Technical assistance for the identification, creation, launch and management of fishing projects and programs
• Supply of resources and equipment to improve fishing or aquaculture production
• Design, construction and implementation of preservation and processing units and laboratories for quality control
• Carrying out research and studies about fish resources, consumption habits and the creation of new brands
• Construction of port infrastructures for fishing, complementary facilities for fishing preservation and processing, as well as vessels repairs.
• Vocational and formal training

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