Preservation and administration of water resources

The commitment and responsibility of Incatema resides in its utmost rigour in order to preserve, administer and enhance water resources in all phases of its integral cycle: collection, transport, treatment, storage, regulation and distribution within the sector of supply and sewage and purification collectors networks, as well as its subsequent reuse.

It has a very stron structure in terms of human and technological resources devoted to designing, building and efficiently managing projects that cover all the phases of the entire water cycle. The implementation of these projects, always taking into account the sustainable development of the implementation countries, as well as environmental protection, is one of the keys of the company.

Incatema  also carries out the transfer of technical know-how and management for the institutions responsible for the supply and sanitation networks.

The work focuses on the achievement of four fundamental objectives:

  • Supply of a quality service for users
  • Awareness for efficient handling of the water
  • Sanitary protection for the population
  • Reuse of water

With the solid commitment of fulfil both proposed deadlines and quotes budgets, the company has a top-level technical team responsible for data and sample collection, identification of involved stakeholders, analysis of information obtained, situation diagnosis, strategy formulation and its reflection in an Integral Water Cycle Management Plan.

Water supply

Incatema cumulated experience in the supply sector includes actions in all the associated fields.
● Collection
● Transport
● Purification
● Distribution

Water treatment

Incatema designs, builds and operates sewage treatment plants using traditional technologies (trickling filters, prolonged aeration) and soft ones (macrophytes), along with the associated collectors’ networks, and has even reused effluents in irrigation systems.
● Sanitation
● Purification
● Reuse

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