Committed alongside AIDA to defending citizens? rights to health in Senegal

9 April, 2019

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is  developing an engineering project to improve access to water and water quality in three communes situated in the district of Dioulacolon in Kolda, Senegal: namely, Dioulacolon, Medina El Hadji and Guiro Yero Bocar.

The existing need for access to water in these three towns have been identified in collaboration with the Association AIDA, Ayuda, Intercambio y Desarrollo, (Aid, Interchange and Development), an NGO that Incatema has been supporting for the past 5 years. To learn about these needs, a team of experts from Incatema Consulting & Engineering travelled to Senegal to analyse the quality of the water currently consumed by the population, and needs to improve the supply networks and infrastructure.

José María Arribas, managing director of Incatema and board member of AIDA expressed his commitment to the project: “Sustainability and efficiency are objectives inherent to all of our projects, and companies in the sector, such as Incatema, play a key role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, like access to potable water.” 

The engineering works executed in Dioulacolon, Medina El Hadji and Guiro Yero Bocar will allow the population to have an increased flow, supplied through a photovoltaic pumping system that will help to reduce costs and generate a lower environmental impact, in terms of both acoustic and environmental contamination. 

Incatema are also working to find the solutions best suited to each region’s characteristics, and for this reason a system that has an affordable water cost for local financial conditions is proposed, so as to ensure its sustainability in the long term.

The alliance between the Association AIDA and Incatema Consulting & Engineering is one more example of the company’s firm commitment to sustainable development and protection of our planet to guarantee the wellbeing of all people.