Construction of the Cambérène Waste Water Treatment Plant takes a further step forward

30 January, 2020

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has taken an important step forward towards ensuring completion of the Cambérène Waste Water Treatment Plant, a work that stands to benefit close to 52,420 inhabitants of this district forming part of the city of Dakar, in the Republic of Senegal. This project funded by the Islamic Development Bank will have an average treatment capacity of 92,000 cubic metres per day and a peak capacity of 101,000 cubic metres per day.

At the time of writing, we have started to place the orders for the manufacture and delivery of an important package of electromechanical equipment that is necessary to advance with the works on site, principally comprising a bridge sweeper assembly for intercepting and removing grit and grease, grit classifiers, worm screw conveyors for transport and removal of inert solid waste that is intercepted during pre-treatment, sluice gates, sweeper-clarifier bridge for the secondary decanter and several electric pump stations for primary decanting, sludge thickening and dosing of the polyelectrolyte among others. An aspect that reveals the good pace of construction of this Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). It is expected that in the coming days another important package will be released, which has already undergone supervision by the client’s technical services.

This turnkey project, appraised at 32 million euros, comprises the design, construction and supply of electromechanical equipment, including functioning tests and commissioning, for the remodelling and extension of the formerly existing treatment plant, along with the construction of a new treatment facility.

We have placed at the client’s disposal all of our experience in the sector and commitment to sustainable development and the environment, through the use of self-sufficient systems and techniques that will allow the Waste Water Treatment Plant to self-supply, with the objective of reducing pollution in the city. Incatema Consulting & Engineering is especially attentive to water issues, aware that water is a scarce resource, particularly in developing countries.