Development of the Commercial Agriculture project in Angola continues

18 September, 2019

Starting today, and for the next 6 months, Incatema Consulting & Engineering S.L. will execute the second phase of the Development Project for Commercial Agriculture under the tutelage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Angola (MINAGRIF), financed by the World Bank (WB) and the French Development Agency (AFD).

The aim of the Project will be to identify and diagnose the main players and supporting infrastructures of the value chains for cereals, coffee, soy, and fowl, covering a surface of more than 180.000 km2, encompassing the provinces of Luanda, Bengo, Uíge, Huambo and Bié, among others.

This work additionally aims to complete the database generated in a GIS application, also prepared by Incatema Consulting & Engineering during phase one of this study, which will allow for simple and intuitive consultation of the exact location, size, state and characteristics of the main irrigation infrastructures, roads, rural tracks, farming industries, and producers of the region, facilitating decision-making for the Angolan authorities and prioritisation of the actions that will help to stimulate and encourage the development of the value chains and products under study.