Engaged with water valorisation beside AUARA

29 August, 2019

While contributing to Sustainable Development Goals, Incatema Consulting & Engineering joins the list of collaborating partners for Fundación AUARA in its engagement towards bringing drinking water to every corner of the world.

Fundación AUARA seeks social projects implementation in developing countries. Its work covers 50 countries and has benefited 28.000 people. 

Infrastructures to guarantee access to drinking water and sanitation

Building infrastructures that assure a correct access to drinking water and sanitation is very important in order to meet sustainable development goal no. 6, because many places where water is not scarce lack necessary infrastructure to store it in optimal drinking conditions. The solution is to build water tanks where rainwater can be properly stored for its use during dry seasons. Some examples of these tanks supported by AUARA can be seenin Roka (Cambodia), Turtle Island (Haiti), Butares(Uganda) and Imi ni Tizgui (Morocco).

Water safety and people’s health

Drilling wells with pumps allows access to water whenever dry climate makes it impossible to store water in tanks, since there is not enough volume to be stored. In this case, pumps that help extract groundwater are primarily installed (whenever it is possible) near hospitals, schools and socially excluded areas, such as wells drilled in Sansi Gandó (Benin), Boloso Sore (Ethiopia) andTamarou and Tahen (Cambodia).

AUARA supports as well projects to build latrines, with the purpose of meeting goal no. 3, aiming at improving people’s health and wellbeing. This type of projects havebeen supported in Sagaya Matha High (India) and Roka (Cambodia).

By 2023, this foundation’s objective, with whom INCATEMA collaborates, is to increase the number of projects to 200.


AUARA is a 100% socially-oriented company that donates 100% of its proceeds to projects that help bring drinking water to people that do not have access to it yet. As such, AUARA takes what is best from each company and the way they work, and best practices from NGOs with a social purpose.

Among the company’s goals for 2020, we can point out guaranteeing access to drinking water for 50,000 people, avoid using 10 million litres oil in PET, invest 2,5 million€ in social projects, reuse plastic from 90 million bottlesand raise awareness on #watercrisis.