Incatema attends ESRI 22 Conference

19 October, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering attended ESRI 22 Conference, that took place on October 19th and 20th in IFEMA, Madrid, Spain.

Incatema has carried out three service contracts in Angola with the application of GIS tools, mostly within the Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP) to carry out a diagnostic study and georeferenced cartography of agriculture sector supporting infrastructures over more than 300,000 Km2. All geographical information collected is available in an off-line visor.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS), a key to sustainable development

In our constant endeavour to apply new technologies to sustainable development, Incatema has developed a customized GIS to manage recurrent floods and dry spells effects in Cuvelai river basin, located between Angola and Namibia.

The designed GIS helps assess population’s climate vulnerability before risks such as dry spells and floods. This allows planning productive and human activities according to the most harmful climate effects for each. It is, furthermore, a system combining communities’ knowledge with scientifical data with an aim to produce local knowledge on climate issues and appropriate adaptation strategies. GIS database can evolve over time as local operators enter new follow-up information, as they were trained to do so.

This way, technologies related to GIS tools help improve agricultural production, particularly in countries most affected by climate change.