Incatema awarded a new project that would imply the enlargement of the Navarrete aqueduct at the Dominican Republic

5 October, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has been awarded lot II trough its filial Incatema America, to be develop in the province of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. It is being promoted by the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewers (NAPA) and endowed for nine million euros.

This referred lot II consists mainly in constructing a station to treat potable water by a speed water filtration method of up to 300 liters/second. Besides the construction of the line of conduction from the plant of treatment up to the regulatory tank.

Under this, Incatema Consulting & Engineering along with Fortuna company would imply the rehabilitation of the actual system of water supply which, currently offers service to nearby locations such as Villa Bisonó, Mejia, Candelones, Villa Tabacalera, Pontón and Cruce Barreno, all along throw the Sabana-Navarrete aqueduct dated from 1987 and in function since then.

The complete project would result in the repair and restitute of the present deficiencies that such aqueduct nowadays presents. It would also add the capacity of supply to satisfy the demographic expansion that the area has experimented.

The construction of the Drinking Water Treatment Station (ETAP), is the key to modernity, renewal, and also a capacity provision to the populated areas around and beyond the country.