Incatema awarded an EU-funded fishing project in Turkey

30 December, 2020

Incatema will contribute to improving the technical and institutional capacity of fish producer organisations and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Turkey by means of a gradual alignment of Turkey with European Union legislation in the sphere of fisheries and aquaculture, and the requirements of the Common Market Organisation in Fishery and Common Fisheries Policy.

The contract is for technical assistance and Incatema is taking part as a member of the multinational joint venture whose main objective is to establish a Fishery and Aquaculture Market Data Collection System (FAMDCS) so that fishers can send relevant data (catches, prices, etc.,) to their cooperative or association of producers, and also to recommend an auction model for first-hand sales and to improve awareness of the benefits of alternative systems for first-hand sale auctions in the EU.

Training programme with adapted content

The project also includes training in use of the FAMDCS platform and establishment of a National Fisheries and Aquaculture Producer Organisations Registration System (NFAPORS), whose platform will be developed by the consortium that Incatema forms part of and in relation to which training will also be provided.

Other project actions include:

• revision of the agricultural monitoring and information management system (TARBIL) regarding fishery and aquaculture producer organisations and the configuration of a FAMIS Portal (Fishery and Aquaculture Market Information System)

• analysis of the value chain of commercial species in pilot provinces

• recommendation of a first-hand sale auction system and enhanced awareness of the functions and benefits of alternative systems of the EU

• assessment of the current first-hand sale auction system and the future role expected of the fishery and aquaculture producer organisations in Turkey

• improve the awareness among fishery and aquaculture producer organisations, provincial and municipal directorates of the functions and benefits of alternative first-hand sale auction systems in the EU

In order to guarantee the project’s correct implementation, the client will be provided with informative materials and workshops and seminars will be organised in relation to the auction systems for fisheries products. All of the above will be complemented with exchange activities in the form of seminars and study visits between fishery and aquaculture producer organisations of Turkey and the pertinent institutions of the EU.