Incatema builds a tomato processing plant in Benguela, Angola

16 January, 2019

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has built a tomato processing plant in the city of Benguela, in western Angola. This initiative, that falls within the National Food and Nutritional Security Strategy, seeks to boost the growth of the local economy and industrial development in the region.

The turnkey project consists of building processing and packaging lines where the complete transformation of the tomato takes place, from its arrival, freshly-picked, to its packaging and marketing.

The processing plant, that covers 2,400 square meters, contains all the necessary zones and facilities, including the tomato processing and fruit washing lines, and the heat treatment, sterilisation and aseptic canning areas.

On the plot of more than one hectare where the processing plant has been built, further development work has been carried out along with the construction of a residential complex to house future processing and packaging line managers.

The video below  shows the main features of this project, executed by the Angolan Ministry of Agriculture.