Incatema celebrates 7th anniversary of SDG approval, that we actively help achieve in all our projects

23 September, 2022

7 years since the Sustainable Development Goals were approved on September 25th 2015, a crucial moment where transformative and innovative solutions are needed to ensure people and planet wellbeing and sustainability. This year, UN-Spain Global Agreement puts the stress on the need of companies being committed to 2030 Agenda through disruptive solutions, changing their business model for an actual link of all the business areas to sustainability, a transformative mindset among their staffs and the use of innovative technologies that ensure efficient work processes.

Foodstuffs production, as well as water efficient use, two activity fields we work in, play a pivotal role in the Sustainable Development Agenda and meeting Sustainable Development Goals. Incatema is firmly convinced that meeting these goals will ensure a better world in 2030, and we are committed to them by including green energy in all our projects, optimizing water cycle and ensuring fisheries sustainability for a blue growth, reducing farmers’ poverty thanks to an improved agriculture, reinforcing their livelihoods and promoting environmentally-friendly resource use and climate change adaptative practices.

SDG are ambitious, but a everybody’s common will may make them attainable.