Incatema collaborates with APACAMA for Breast Cancer International Day

19 October, 2022

On breast cancer international day, Incatema Consulting & Engineering collaborates for the second time with a solidarity cake and APACAMA calendars fundraising, first non-profit organization in Toledo province (Spain) dedicated to prevention and support to women suffering from breast cancer.

This solidarity fundraising action consists on sharing a cake prepared by employees who disbursed one euro per piece. Said money will be donated to this non-profit association with an aim to improve the services provided to prevent breast cancer and support women affected by it.

Breast Cancer International Day is an annual ephemerid proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote and increase access of women who may suffer from breast cancer to preventive controls and treatments for an early detection.

Breast cancer is the first cause of death among women worldwide. It accounts for 16% of all tumours in female patients according to WHO.

“The estimations we work with at present foresee that 1 in 8 women will suffer breast cancer at some point in life, so it is crucial that women explore themselves and attend periodical controls to guarantee an early detection, so far the best way to prevent and raise awareness on the fight against this cancer”, points out Sara Martín, APACAMA vice-president. Breast Cancer International Day is celebrated worldwide with a pink ribbon, a universally recognised icon.

1.38 million women suffer from this illness worldwide, 458,000 of them die from it, according to WHO data. Most of women dying from it live in developing countries, where early detection remains an uncommon practice, both due to lack of awareness and difficulty to access health services.