Incatema completes a water desalination plant in Foundiougne (Senegal)

6 July, 2022

Incatema has completed and commissioned the works to build a water desalination plant in Foundiougne (Senegal), that improve access to drinking water for more than 5,000 people.

The works for this plant started in 2020, within a larger project that includes two more drinking water treatment plants: a water deferrization and treatment plant in Dakar, completed in 2020, and another one in Kédougou, commissioned in 2021.

All three are included in a project launched by the Senegalese National Water Company (SONES), with a total budget of 12.8 million Euro.

Fernando Díaz, Head of Infrastructures Department at Incatema Consulting & Engineering states that “completing these works is the final touch to this multipurpose project that improves access to quality drinking water in three towns, a growingly difficult challenge to overcome with the effects of climate change.

In the case of Foundiougne, treating groundwater from wells is necessary due to groundwater reservoirs being polluted by sea water. Groundwater brackish water is an indicator of overexploitation. The only alternative to a lack of rainfall to ensure drinking water supply is the use of desalination plants, be it for sea water or brackish groundwater.

In any case, this gets us closer to the UN sustainable development goal of clean water for the agenda 2030. We cannot forget that 69% of Senegalese population do not have access to clean water yet.”

Foundiougne inhabitants can now access quality drinking water, once the system has been tested.