Incatema completes the installation of pipes for the works to rehabilitate and expand the drinking water system in Hinche (Haiti)

12 January, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is making progress on the works to rehabilitate and expand the drinking water supply to the city of Hinche (Haiti), with the installation of pipes and connections to make up the distribution network valued at € 3,262,400 funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and the National Directorate for Water Supply and Sanitation of Haiti (DINEPA).

Rehabilitation and construction of the supply main to the city of Hinche comprises the execution of almost 8.5 Km of conduits in trenches in ductile cast iron pipes with a nominal diameter of up to 350 mm with all necessary elements in inspection chambers for the functioning, maintenance and control of the network such as drains, suckers and flow meters as we previously reported here.

This project will help to increase access to drinking water for 30,000 inhabitants of this town in the Caribbean country considered to be the poorest in America and one of the poorest in the world. With more than 11 million inhabitants, 60% live below the poverty threshold, according to World Bank data.

“In this way”, points out Fernando Diaz, director of infrastructure projects of Incatema Consulting & Engineering, “we contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal number 6 of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, for Clean Water and Sanitation, intended to achieve universal and fair access to drinking water at an affordable price for all”.