Incatema Consulting concludes the mid-term evaluation of the BAM Programme in Cameroon.

12 August, 2019

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has concluded the mid-term evaluation of the BAM Programme (accompanying measures for the banana sector) in Cameroon, led by the European Union delegation in the country.

The BAM programme is a European Union cooperation initiative to support modernisation and adaptation to the new international market conditions of the banana-producing sector in ten countries in Africa and the Caribbean, which has a global budget of 190 million euros.

Cameroon is the main beneficiary of this programme, with a budget of 42 million euros. The evaluation carried out by Incatema Consulting is a crucial element to facilitating the attainment of the programme’s general objectives:

• Modernise exploitation to develop the area of cultivation and improve productivity

• Improve environmental conditions of production

• Improve labour conditions for workers

• Develop services across all sectors to facilitate economies of scale in export logistics

This evaluation started with the visit of two expert assessors from Incatema Consulting in February 2019, who examined the investment projects financed by the European Union through its cooperation programme. After the analysis, they summarised and verified the documentary information against their field observations.

Collaboration and communication with representatives from the various production companies and programme managers has been a constant throughout this process, to ensure that the observations and final recommendations were formulated to streamline the management processes for the final two years of project management.

At Incatema Consulting, we trust that our work has enabled the financing of the Banana Accompanying Measures Programme over the next two years to improve the quality of life of more people who participate in the value chain of this product in Cameroon.