Incatema Consulting & Engineering awarded the contract for rehabilitating and expanding the potable drinking water network of Hinche (Haiti) for € 3 million

29 June, 2020

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has been awarded the contract to carry out works to rehabilitate and expand the drinking water supply to the city of Hinche (Haiti), and to install a supply line for the distribution network for a total value of € 3,262,400 funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and the National Directorate for Water Supply and Sanitation of Haiti (DINEPA). These actions form part of a project that will make it possible to increase the availability of drinking water to the population of the country with the lowest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in America and with 70% of its population immersed in poverty according to data of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL), and will be developed in 12 months.

Rehabilitation of the supply network for the city of Hinche involves two distinct interventions: rehabilitation and construction of the drinking water distribution network within the city, and rehabilitation and construction of the supply main.

The first part includes:

o Execution of almost 60 km of conduits in a trench in piping with nominal diameters of up to 350 mm, comprising all necessary elements in inspection manholes for functioning, maintenance and control of the network such as drains, suckers and flow meters

o Demolition and reinstatement of existing pavings and surfaces

o Construction of 5 new kiosks and rehabilitation of the 5 existing ones

o Installation of 3000 drinking water connections for new users and rehabilitation of the 500 existing connections

Rehabilitation and construction of the supply main to the city of Hinche comprise the execution of almost 8.5 Km of conduits in trenches in ductile cast iron pipes with a nominal diameter of up to 350 mm with all necessary elements in inspection chambers for the functioning, maintenance, and control of the network such as drains, suckers and flow meters.

“This is a new infrastructure that will allow us to continue to increase the capacity to supply drinking water in Haiti, as it is a fundamental pillar in the fight against COVID-19, even more so in a country which lacks a solid health infrastructure and where Incatema has a strong base and commitment to improving the quality of life in the country”, pointed out the company’s Director of Infrastructures, Fernando Díaz.

Safety Plan, with measures against COVID 19

As in all of the firm’s projects, this one for the rehabilitation and expansion of the drinking water network for the city of Hinche, also includes a health and safety plan to protect not only workers but also third parties, “which in this case pays special attention to all health and hygiene measures required to confront the coronavirus pandemic”, adds Díaz