Incatema Consulting & Engineering celebrates 25 years of international projects and launches a new website

2 July, 2019

Incatema Consulting & Engineering, a Spanish consultancy and engineering company which executes projects in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Infrastructures and Perishable Food Markets, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with the same vocation for service with which it started in 1994: to contribute to improving the quality of life of the society and the development of the countries where it operates. The Madrid-based company started a process of internationalisation at the end of the 1990s which it has been consolidating over the years, during which time it has worked in more than 50 countries, mainly on the African and American continents. Its permanence in the countries where it implements its projects has led it to now own subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Angola, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Senegal. It is currently engaged in domestic and international projects including: the construction of the CEFOPESCAS Primary Fishing School in Angola, which will be concluded this year, aimed at offering international training in maritime and fishing matters; or the various water treatment plants (sewage treatment and water purification) which are being built in various cities in Senegal. According to José María Arribas, Director General of Incatema Consulting & Engineering, the company celebrates its 25th anniversary “gazing over the horizon, which it faces with much enthusiasm, with new projects whose success will be endorsed by the experience of a professional team dedicated to the same fundamental values that are none other than passion for a job well done and commitment to clients, as well as society and the environment. This is all with the ultimate aim of improving quality of life in countries where we operate.” The construction of Mirador Norte - La Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant (EDAR), one of its most emblematic projects Over the last 25 years the company has developed projects with an international scope on four continents, mainly Africa and Latin America. Among them, within the area of Infrastructures, is the construction of the Mirador Norte - La Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant in the Dominican Republic, which to date, is one of the largest waste water treatment plants in the Caribbean. With a 56 million euro investment, the installation will treat waste water from more than 500,000 people in Santo Domingo, the country’s capital, and will treat a flow of more than 100,000m3 on a daily basis. It will also improve the environmental conditions of the Ozama and Isabela rivers, which are highly polluted. Also within the area of infrastructures is the work performed in Haiti, such as the construction of the waste water treatment plant in the Caracol Industrial Estate, an example of reducing energy consumption in water treatment via the use of green filters, or the drinking water supply project in the municipality of Jacmel. Within the area of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Incatema has developed more than 100 studies, engineering and construction projects over the years. In all of them, training and technological transference have carried a lot of weight, especially in order to ensure their sustainability and proper exploitation. Worth highlighting are the projects in Africa such as the implementation of irrigation for 500 hectares in Mucoso in Angola; the project for the development of irrigation and groundwater in Ghana; the technical assistance project for adapting the agropastoral sector to climate change in Mauritania, among others. In Spain, the company performed the impact assessment study for the CAP (European Union Common Agricultural Policy) in the sheep, goat and wine sectors. With regards to the farming and food industry, it has carried out more than 70 projects in cold storage, silos and storage premises, food-processing plants, slaughterhouses and meat-processing industries, including the construction of land-based infrastructures for the conservation of fish catches after landing in Neves, São Tome? and Príncipe; or the work constructing silos and a mill in the implementation project of an agricultural-industrial centre in the municipality of Cubal, in Angola. Incatema was also responsible for the creation of the quality brand of line-caught hake from Burela, and the National School for Inland Aquaculture Training in Libreville (Gabon). Incatema’s consultancy projects have also crossed borders, with work carried out for the European Union, UNICEF, the World Bank and the World Food Programme, among others. The new Incatema website, a bid for quality Coinciding with its 25th anniversary, the firm will update its website with a more modern, eye-catching and dynamic design. The new website will be a bid to improve user experience through simpler browsing by facilitating the direct contact with each of the firm’s specialty areas. Users can learn directly and intuitively, through the new website, where the projects for each specialty area of the company are reflected: Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Infrastructures and Perishable Food Markets There will also be a section on Social Commitments with three new sections: CSR as a corporate duty, Excellence with quality and Collaborations with institutions and associations. The company’s most important news will be published in the “Press Room”, as well as articles of interest and audiovisual information (videos, visuals and photos), to enhance visitors’ experiences.