Incatema Consulting & Engineering signs a maintenance contract for the Mirador Norte-La Zurza treatment plant in the Dominican Republic

13 May, 2019

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has signed a contract with the CAASD (Corporación del Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Santo Domingo - Corporation of Aqueducts and Sewers of Santo Domingo) for the preventive maintenance of the Mirador Norte-La Zurza Sewage Treatment Plant, which involves executing the necessary measures to guarantee the perfect condition of the installations when put into service, once the pipe laying works have been completed. 

While the plant remains out of service, Incatema will guarantee the correct functioning of the installation so that it remains in an ideal state, avoiding the deterioration of any component, so that once the aforesaid period has concluded, the plant can be started up without any noteworthy incidents, with all machinery and equipment in perfect running condition.

Operational maintenance involves programming and carrying out both safety and operating inspections, adjustments, repairs, analyses, cleaning, lubrication and calibration tasks, which must be executed periodically for all of the equipment to be adequately maintained.

The main feature of this type of maintenance is to inspect the equipment and start it up periodically, indirectly detecting faults in their initial phase, and correcting them at the right time. This achieves appropriate conservation of the equipment and will avoid faults appearing before start up.

A unique system in the country

The sewage treatment plant, built in the town of Yaguaza, will have a huge impact on the health and quality of life of 450,000 people resident in 22 sectors of Santo Domingo North and the National District.

This project forms part of the Presidential Commission for Sanitation of the Ozama and Isabela river basins of Santo Domingo, established by decree of President Danilo Medina, with the aim of conserving both rivers and avoiding their contamination.