Incatema Consulting has begun collecting samples of the industrial-waste-water that arrives at the Mirador Norte-La Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant

3 September, 2019

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has visited the factories which send their waste water to the Mirador Norte-La Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant, in order to analyse the chemical composition of the waste water and give the relevant recommendations to each of the industries, once the flows have been taken and the samples analysed.

The collection of these samples started with inspections of the companies in virtue of the contract signed with the Water and Sewerage Corporation of Santo Domingo (CAASD) in the Dominican Republic, to get a picture of the industrial waste water that arrives at the Mirador Norte – La Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The 54 industries from various sectors have already been visited, including production plants for food and drink, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, textile plants and livestock farms, among others. After all the facilities had been inspected and their managers informed of the tasks to perform, Incatema Consulting & Engineering began to sample the waste water generated by each industry. These samples will be transported to Spain under the appropriate security and control measures for the relevant analyses.

The final study report will be a fundamental step forward in learning the scope and pollutive potential of these discharges and definitively tackling the problem of water contamination. Once treated in the Mirador Norte-La Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant, they will be diverted once again into the River Isabela which has been declared to be in a state of emergency requiring urgent intervention due to its high degree of contamination.

The treatment plant will now enter into a phase of preventative maintenance until it starts up again, as we have reported here.