Incatema contributes to the agriculture and rural development of Luanda (Angola)

26 November, 2018

Within the framework of the National Food and Nutritional Security Strategy of the Republic of Angola, Incatema has completed the project to overhaul the Mucoso Irrigated Perimeter in Luanda, the aim of which is to boost agriculture and rural development in the country.

With this project, that comprises various elements, the abstraction and distribution of water from the River Kwanza has been upgraded through the development of drip-feed watering systems and the preparation of approximately 500 hectares for the production of citrus fruits, mangoes, pineapples and vegetables. In addition to this, infrastructures necessary for the distribution of water have been put in place and rural roads built.

Training schemes were also devised, including workshops and courses for experts from the Ministry of Agriculture. An experimental plot was created for this purpose along with a school to provide training in irrigation techniques and the management of fruit and citrus trees, and vegetables.

This project, which has benefitted approximately 500 families, received technical assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture with institutional support in the coordination, installation, operability and maintenance of all the strands of the project.