INCATEMA finalises a technical assistance in fisheries and aquaculture statistics in Algeria.

27 November, 2018

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has successfully completed the technical assistance contract supporting the Fisheries and Aquaculture Directorate-General (DGPA) in Algeria within fisheries and aquaculture statistics. This technical assistance has helped create a new statistics’ recording system for fisheries and aquaculture that is operated online, with its matrix hosted in a central server supplied to DGPA by a parallel contract. The 21 directorates from the beneficiary wilayas are therefore able to easily access the developed software and enter necessary information about fisheries fleet, catch and aquaculture related data. About DIVECO 2 DIVECO 2 Program, financed by the EU, intends to diversify the Algerian economy to reduce dependency on gaz. It specifically seeks enhancing fisheries and aquaculture as means for economic diversification. In 2017 y 2018, INCATEMA intervened within the program with technical assistance and training actions for fisheries and aquaculture statistics. Such actions allowed training staff from fisheries directorates in the 21 DIVECO 2 beneficiary wilayas, in addition to staff from central services in charge of fisheries and aquaculture statistics within the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries.