Incatema finalises the `Incatema Angola Viewer´ app for the geolocation of infrastructures

6 February, 2019

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has completed the development of the ‘Incatema Angola Viewer’ app that falls within the framework of the Angolan Ministry of Agriculture’s Commercial Agriculture Development Project, funded by the World Bank. This app has been developed to provide the means to perform analyses of infrastructures to ascertain their current condition, and also to draw up an initial profiling of cereal, coffee and poultry producers in the region. To this end, the infrastructures and producers have been georeferenced and included in a QGIS digital database.

‘Incatema Angola Viewer’ permits the easy and intuitive geolocation of different infrastructures and their condition within the zones covered by the project. The areas included in the study for the development of this tool were production, agro-industrial, transport and electricity infrastructures, infrastructures of irrigation areas, and support infrastructures.

Thanks to this app, it is now possible to identify the quality of connections between the production zones and the main commercial outlets or supply zones. ‘Incatema Angola Viewer’ displays the condition of the roads and bridges that are necessary to travel along to get from one point to another. This permits the localisation of critical points in infrastructures, and also to plan and prioritise their renovation.