Incatema inaugurates the Drinking Water Treatment Plant of Kédougou (Senegal)

1 June, 2021

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has handed over to SONES (the National Water Company of Senegal) the works for improving the drinking water supply to the city of Kédougou, as part of the contract to build three drinking water plants for Kédougou, Foundiougne and Dakar valued at 12.8 million euros.

The plant’s start of operations will allow 90 m3/h of water to be produced, by means of the traditional process of decantation, filtration, and disinfection. In addition to building the DWTP per se, Incatema has been in charge of building the intake from the Gambia river situated 14 Km out of the city; a pumping station; the corresponding pipe; a reservoir with a 50,000 m3 capacity; an elevated tank made of reinforced concrete with a capacity of 500 m3, and the distribution network.

This new plant will directly affect the quality of life of the inhabitants of this sector, where the population lacks access to safe sources of water.

“We are very proud of having delivered to SONES this essential infrastructure for the city, insofar as it contributes significantly towards providing drinking water for the whole of the population and is an extremely important step on the path charted in this regard by the UN’s 2030 Agenda through the Sustainable Development Goals”, points out Incatema Consulting & Engineering’s Director of Infrastructures, Fernando Díaz.