Incatema is currently completing works on Camberene wastewater treatment plant and its submarine outlet (Senegal)

14 December, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is currently completing two large connected infrastructure projects in Camberene (Senegal) with the Senegalese National Sanitation Company (ONAS). On the one hand, the enlargement and modernisation of wastewater treatment plant and, on the other, the submarine outlet that links to the said plant and lets treated water out into the seabed to be finally eliminated.

According to the foreseen execution term, our company is completing urbanization, aesthetic and landscaping works around the plant, that will be commissioned by the beginning of 2023 to ONAS, contracting authority of the works. As for the marine outlet, once the tunnelling machine is retrieved, the last polyethylene anchored pipes are being laid on the last trunk of the outlet, that lets treated water out to high seas to be diluted more than 1,300 m away from coastline. There, a chemical, physical and biological process of natural depuration provoked by the ocean itself takes place thanks to temperature, salinity, pressure and UV radiation, as well as marine currents.

Thanks to the new plant, with an average treatment capacity of 92,000 cubic metres a day, 1,685,000 people living in North Dakar will see improvements in their sanitation conditions in 2023. Furthermore, as Fernando Díaz, Infrastructures department director at Incatema points out, “the work that the plant does when treating wastewater, together with the outlet, contributes to minimising environmental impact according to the Senegalese government plan to reduce pollution in North Dakar”. Both infrastructures are meant to help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 14, “clean water” and “life under water”.