Incatema makes progress installing the piping for drinking water in the city of Jeremie (Haiti)

5 January, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is making progress on the installation of the network of water supply pipes as part of the project to rehabilitate and expand the potable water system in Jeremie city. The pipes being installed are made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) with different diameters (from 250 mm to 60 and 25 mm).

Installation of the pipe system comprises different phases with conduits of varying diameters depending on their final use. The distribution grid decreases the pipe diameter from adduction or the mains depending on the type of branching designed, such that the pipes with the smallest diameters are those that reach the supply outlet. This is where the house meters are installed and the network is connected to the supply line of each individual house. This installation is already underway, as we previously reported here.

“The project to rehabilitate and expand the drinking water system in Jeremie city provides an essential infrastructure that will allow the population to experience a substantial improvement in their health and hygiene conditions by having sanitary water in their homes. This may seem obvious in developed countries, but is a very significant achievement in a country where in many places there is neither a pipe network nor a drinking water supply grid like the ones we see in developed countries. If we add the COVID 19 pandemic to conditions of extreme poverty and continuous natural disasters, we can grasp how having potable water by simply opening a tap can help to improve these people’s lives”, notes Incatema Consulting & Engineering’s Director of Infrastructures, Fernando Díaz.