Incatema moves forward in the construction of the Cambérène Waste Water Treatment Plant (Senegal)

5 June, 2020

On World Environmental Day, the team at Incatema Consulting & Engineering is moving forward with the execution of the civil works for the Waste Water Treatment Plant situated in Cambérène district, north of Senegal’s capital Dakar, with the manufacture of new equipment and approval of a second instalment of same, among which we would highlight:

• Lifting equipment and hoists for the various buildings under construction and which will be necessary in the operating phase for correct maintenance of the devices installed in each building.

• Aerators for the grit chambers-degreasers.

• Blowers for the biological reactor.

• Motor-generators: these motors will generate electricity through combustion of the biogas generated by the plant.

• Microfiltration and disinfection devices through ultraviolet ray treatment of the purified water.

• Polyelectrolyte preparation equipment for sludge treatment.

• Centrifuges and vibration screens for sludge dehydration.

The average delivery period for this equipment will be 3 to 4 months from the moment of signing the respective purchase agreements.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

The construction project comprises the rehabilitation of an existing Waste Water Treatment Plant and construction of a new one and forms pat of the environmental plan for Dakar city, whose main objective is to reduce contamination in the north of Senegal’s capital.

To contribute to this objective, Incatema Consulting & Engineering uses self-sufficiency techniques and systems that allow the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) to self-supply itself (with electricity) using the biogas formed in the water purification process during anaerobic digestion, which is subsequently given a specific treatment that makes it recyclable for cogeneration.

In this way, points out the company’s Director of Infrastructures, Fernando Díaz, the combustion process of the biogas is transformed into electricity that is capable of meeting the WWTP’s power requirements.

The new Waste Water Treatment Plant will have an average processing capacity of 92,000 m3/day, with a peak capacity of 101,000 m3/day. The budget for the execution project of the Cambérène WWTP is 32 million euros, and is financed by the Islamic Development Bank with a scheduled execution timeframe of 24 months.