Incatema receives a jury mention in the Galicia Calidade architecture competition

16 June, 2021

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has obtained a special mention from the jury in the “Galicia Calidade” competition of ideas for the design of the training centre and image of Galicia’s agricultural, cattle-farming and forestry products, an architecture competition called by the Xunta of Galicia, whose prizes were awarded today.

The jury has highlighted the effort made to establish a unified image of the constructed complex of Sergude (parish church of the municipality of Carral, in La Coruña province), based on buildings that have radically different uses, compositions, volumes, and construction materials, relations to the immediate surroundings and varying execution dates.

Incatema’s architectural proposal, called AGRA, is founded on an analysis of the different existing buildings on the estate which they propose to maintain: the pazo de Quián (traditional Galician house) and the two buildings that form the adjoining square, whose topographical layout, stone walls and stairways, constitute a space of interest. Similarly, the project contemplates construction on a similar scale to that of the surroundings, adapting even the volume of the existing residence, to enhance the unified image of the assembly.

Sustainability and architectural rationalisation

The jury has likewise valued the sustainable construction system explained in the presented documentation and the effort to rationalise the new proposed construction.

For Incatema Consulting & Engineering’s Director of Infrastructures, Fernando Díaz, the jury’s mention “represents an acknowledgement of the effort made by the company to build sustainable buildings that comprise the dual function of serving the purpose for which they are conceived and being as environmentally-friendly as possible, especially taking into account the devastating effects of climate change and the need to fulfil the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, and in this case of sustainable development goal 11: sustainable cities and communities.

To this effect, we have designed a construction that is compatible with the principles of agroforestry management, that establishes a network of roads and paths that structure the estate and allow visitors to travel along the different themed itineraries: the meadow; arable crops of Galicia; woody crops; agroforestry transition spaces; forest ecosystems of Galicia; and innovation in forestry management”. The project also contemplates the design of different themed buildings: a building for gastronomic promotion; a themed building for a winery, honey filling, olive press, etc); a training centre; an interactive promotional space; a plant genetic resource bank; and the relocation of stables, store rooms and workshops.

First prize has gone to the project under the theme BUXO, second to RURAL VIVO, third to YAKISUGI, fourth to LAG and fifth to PRADOS, RIOS, AROREDAS.