Incatema sends Drinking Water Treatment Plant to Dakar (Senegal)

19 August, 2020

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has sent a Drinking Water Treatment Plant to the city of Dakar (Senegal) which, once in operation, will allow the part of its inhabitants to enjoy a significant improvement in the quality of water supplied, as part of the water supply project that comprises the construction of various installations in three Senegalese cities (Kédougou, Foundiougne and Dakar).

The scope of the work in Dakar will entail the construction of a compact plant with capacity for 100m3 /h to reduce the concentration of iron and manganese in the wells in the Lycée Moderne facilities in Dakar (Lymodak).

Built by Incatema Consulting & Engineering and financed by the National Water Company of Senegal (SONES), the project will amount to 12.8 million euros and aims to improve the quality of life and health of more than a million people living in Kédougou, Foundiougne and part of the city of Dakar, as reported here.