Incatema sets up the work camp for building the new submarine emissary in Cambérène

20 September, 2021

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is culminating the work to set up the work camp to start building the new submarine emissary to discharge effluents from the purification plant of Cambèréne district. The project involves execution of a connecting shaft to the land segment of the emissary in question, which will serve as a working shaft for construction of a micro tunnel below the sea measuring 1,200 metres long with a 2,200 mm diameter.

To prepare the site’s zones and installations, Incatema has laid out the works, installing a provisional water and power supply system, safety measures, a base camp for the crew and a metal fencing for protection in sheet metal panels with a height of 2m. The necessary earth moving works have also been carried out to form the storage yards, discharge channel, and access roads. These works are taking place in the context of the work to decontaminate Senegal’s capital, as previously reported here.

Submarine emissaries, a further step in decontaminating the city of Dakar

“A submarine emissary is a pipe reaching several kilometres into the sea that discharges wastewater far from the coast. Although it may seem that this process is contaminating, it is not so, because the sea has the capacity to absorb this waste naturally”, points out Incatema Consulting & Engineering’s Director of Infrastructures, Fernando Díaz.

The main purpose of submarine emissaries is precisely to reduce the potential impact of discharging wastewater into the sea. In other words, it ensures a proper dilution, such that the mixture of wastewater and seawater does not alter marine ecosystems and is innocuous for people’s health, while preserving the coast’s natural appearance.