Incatema signed a rider to increase the scope of our technical assistance contract to develop and implement business plans in the frame of the Commercial Agriculture Development Project in Angola

23 September, 2022

With this increased scope, Incatema will support the preparation and implementation of business plans in new value chains, not targeted by CADP so far (cassava, Irish potato and sweet potato), in addition to value chains already targeted (maize, soybeans, beans, eggs, poultry and coffee). The increased scope implies a larger geographical area covered by our intervention, with new municipalities in Malanje and Cuanza Norte provinces.

The additional services contracted, amounting to 1.5 million Euro, will last, like the original contract, up to May 2024.

Overall, this technical assistance will support the development of approximately 215 business plans in the productive, processing and commercialisation segments of value chains targeted by the project intervention logic. This technical assistance supports as well adopting and integrating new innovative technologies in the working routines, support to apply for commercial banks credits and building productive alliances to improve trade opportunities.

This project includes as well training and building beneficiaries’ capacities in agribusiness management techniques, such as efficient negotiation for a fair trade or production techniques among other topics.

It is expected that direct beneficiaries from this project include more than 5,000 commercial farmers, at least 1,500 of them female and youngsters, as we already pointed out here.