Incatema starts the BAM Programme assessment (Banana Accompanying Measures) in Cameroon

30 January, 2019

Within the framework of the BAM Programme (Banana Accompanying Measures) launched by the European Union and implemented in ten African and Caribbean countries, Incatema is carrying out the mid-term assessment of the Programme in Cameroon.

To conduct this assessment, Incatema Consulting has sent a team of experts to Cameroon with a twin objective: on the one hand, to assess technical aspects of the projects and also their compliance with international standards relating to social and environmental commitments (ISO 26000, SA8000, Rainforest Alliance) as set out by the EU; and on the other hand, to propose recommendations and corrective measures to deal with any weaknesses identified, so these can be taken into consideration during the time remaining until the end of the project implementation in 2020.

Throughout these visits, the Incatema Consulting & Engineering experts will be accompanied by members of Cameroon’s Banana Association (ASOBACAM) who will take care of the logistical aspects involved in the assessment.

With this project, Incatema Consulting & Engineering is joining forces with the European Union to:

  • Ensure the sustainability of the banana sector, reducing costs and boosting productivity
  • Encourage market-focussed strategies and common horizontal actions with all sector operators
  • Improve the social circumstances of the workers including training, livelihoods and environmental conditions at the production sites (streamlining the use of plant protection products, carbon footprint reduction)
  • Promote environmental and social certifications of the production sites.

The aim of this project, which is being developed with European Union funding, is to promote the sustainability of banana production, one of the main sectors in these countries.