Incatema undertakes a Comparative Analysis of the fishing sector in the EU and in Turkey

13 October, 2021

INCATEMA forms part of a consortium of European companies that is working on a project contracted with European Union funding to align the fisheries policies of Turkey and the EU.

The project title is “Technical Assistance for Capacity Building for Fisheries Producer Organisations and Provincial Agricultural Directorates in line with Common Market Organisation (CMO) of Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)”. The aim is to support Turkish institutions in the process of gradually adapting their fisheries and aquaculture legislation to current European legislation.

“It is about supporting the technical and institutional capacity of the fisheries organisations and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to align their policies with the Common Market Organisation of Common Fisheries Policy of the EU”, declares Ana Romero, director of consulting projects at Incatema Consulting & Engineering.

The programme is financed by the European Union and is to last two years.

Activities that Incatema takes care of directly include the study that began last July to analyse in depth the functioning of first sale fish auctions in different European Union countries compared to Turkey’s system. For practical purposes, the study has been delimited to 3 countries: Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, with INCATEMA being responsible for studying the functioning of the fish auctions in Spain and in Italy. The state of digitalisation of the auctions will also be analysed along with how the COVID-19 crisis has affected their operation.