Incatema will provide training on the use of new technologies to enhance agricultural productivity in Cabinda region (Angola)

6 July, 2023

Incatema will train stakeholders from basic commodities value chains in the use of new technologies, as part of an irrigation project being developed in Cabinda region (Angola), in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The goal of this action, aimed at all stakeholders in the value chain (both public and private) who benefit from the project, is to strengthen and develop value chains, improving productivity and quality of agricultural products. Training is planned for farmers, cooperatives, and companies with subjects such as management, product marketing, and environmental protection.

As Ana Romero, Head of Consultancy Projects at Incatema claims, "improvement opportunities will be identified for each actor in the chain, and solutions will be designed to address awareness and education on global challenges such as water use, environmental protection, sustainability, increased youth and women's participation in farm management, value chain development, and decision-making.

The project will strengthen staple foods value chains in the Angolan diet (cassava, banana, sweet potato and beans), horticultural crops, cash crops (coffee, palm and cocoa), as well as livestock and fisheries sectors. It will also improve producers' access to markets and strengthen agricultural extension services, as we already reported here.

The project is directly related to SDG 1, No Poverty, SDG 2, Zero Hunger, SDG 5, Gender Equality, SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities, and SDG 12, Responsible Production and Consumption.