International Rural Women Day: Incatema promotes equal participation in all its projects

14 October, 2022

October the 15th is Rural Women International Day, a moment to remind the crucial role women play in the rural areas, contributing to foodstuffs production, rural and agricultural development and poverty alleviation.

Women’s role in food security is key, particularly in developing countries. According to FAO, in Sub-Saharan Africa, women are responsible for 60 to 80% of workforce in foodstuffs production, both at subsistence level and commercial production.

Incatema Consulting & Engineering, aware of the importance of women’s role in agriculture is constantly seeking equal participation in farmers’ groups receiving trainings in our projects. Such is the case in the technical assistance to prepare business plans in Angola, where 74 business plans have already been approved in commercial farms countrywide, some of them owned or led by women. More information on this project can be found here.