Proud of our female engineers for their outstanding job to promote professional excellence

23 June, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering, in the International Day of Women Engineers, intends to acknowledge the significant role our female colleagues play in our company as a daily example of professional excellence.

International Day of Women Engineers came up in 2014 as a proposal made by the Women’s Engineering Society, turning June 23rd in a day to claim and give visibility to female engineers in their contribution to social development globally in a male dominated sector. This day’s creation intends to point out the outstanding professional opportunity that engineering offers to younger women.

Therefore, we wish to underline the precious job our female professionals at Incatema carry out daily. As agricultural engineers, they undertake successfully international challenges in developing countries through our various projects. These are linked to primary production, agri-food industry, rural development, designing water supply and sanitation facilities, process and products innovation research, natural resource optimal use or environmental preservation and sustainability, among others.

In Spain, only one in four engineering students is female.

According to a recent study carried out by Valladolid University, there is a substantial gender gap among the students of STEM degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), where only one in four engineering students is female.

It is necessary to improve this circumstance by acknowledging and voicing female engineers work with activities such as this International Day.

This way, Ana Romero, our Consultancy and Technical Assistance Director, an agricultural engineer herself, states that “at Incatema we wish to put a seed to show young girls and young women they can choose a STEM degree. They are fascinating paths to pursue a postgraduate career in highly professional-demanding activities, where we need women’s vision to move ahead in an equal human and social development”.

On the other hand, our colleagues María Quiroga and Cristina Aguado, among others, also agricultural engineers, underline their passion about engineering as discipline where “we never stop learning new things and preparing for new challenges of a constantly evolving sector, linked to new technologies research and development, updated legal norms, with an aim to offer the best possible solutions for sustainable development benefiting civil society as a whole”.

Outstanding female engineers in history

In this International Day, we also wish to pay tribute to some female engineers who made a difference in history. Without their work, some of the humanity greatest hits such as landing on the Moon, internet development or building Brooklyn bridge in New York would not have been possible, among some examples, as it is further explained here.