Representatives from the Islamic Development Bank and ONAS check on the advances of INCATEMA ongoing works in Cambérène (Senegal)

31 May, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering accompanied the official visit organised by representatives from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to follow up the advances of the projects to build an offshore sewage outfall in Cambérène and the wastewater treatment plan in the same neighbourhood that our company is currently building in north Dakar, Senegal. Representatives from the Islamic Development Bank, who is funding these projects were accompanied by the Project Director, Pedre Sy, from the Senegalese National Sanitation Company (ONAS) and the projects coordinator from the said institution, Ousmane Dione, in addition to several people from the projects contractors as well as the works supervising entity (STUDI).

During this 4-hour visit, both the representatives from IDB and ONAS expressed their high satisfaction with the advances of the works contracted, particularly for the offshore outfall.

Fernando Díaz, head of Infrastructures Department at INCATEMA, pointed out that “representatives from both institutions not only thanked us for the great effort made by constructing companies and the supervising entity, given the various contingencies the companies have suffered due to external causes (pandemic, Ukraine war, difficulties in international logistics), but have also insisted in the continued effort for both projects to become a reference in West Africa”.

This is the second visit by an ONAS delegation to Cambérène sewage outfall. The first one took place in February, with the aim to inspect pipelines construction, as explained here.