Team to develop the project for the Cambérène Waste Water Treatment Plant now ready

23 July, 2019

The Incatema Consulting & Engineering team made up of 4 engineers, several surveyors and other professionals is now installed in Dakar to start work on remodelling the old Waste Water Treatment Plant of Cambérène and building a new one. An economist will be joining the team at the end of this month, to bring staff to a total of 7 professionals. This project has a budget of 32 million euros, and is financed by the Islamic Development Bank with a scheduled execution timeframe of 24 months. These seven professionals, backed by Incatema’s technical management team based in Madrid, will carry out engineering work to include the design, construction and supply of electromechanical equipment, comprising installation, testing and commissioning of the newly built plant; additionally, rehabilitating the surroundings of the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant’s current location. The new Waste Water Treatment Plant will have an average processing capacity of 92,000 m3/day, with a peak capacity of 101,000 m3/day.